About ANA

ANA – Akimorikin aNgaber Anatenoyek

(The strong women’s group)


ANA is a women’s group launched in 2010 among Turkana women in Lokichoggio, Kenya.


The Turkana tribe is one of the poorest and most marginalized tribes in Kenya. Traditionally they are nomads moving around with their cattle over a vast area known as Turkana. However, last decades with severe droughts and tribal fighting have forced many of the Turkanas to settle in bigger villages and towns in search for food and water. These people are very vulnerable, especially women and children. Through ANA Women’s Group women get a chance to learn to do something as well as relate to others in a group, learn about running businesss and they also earn a small income to sustain themselves and their families.

DSC02052”Bead work is one of three activities which generate a small income for us. The work gives us self esteem and possibility to buy food, medicines and pay school fees for our children. At the moment we are 20 women in the group. Other activities are a bakery and a shop & café. ” Eunice Akiru (Chairlady, ANA Women’s Group).

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