Christmas Party 2016

Time flies! Can’t believe I have not written a word since April. Shame on me! My vision that the women should be able to write too has not yet been fulfilled. But I still hope it will come to pass. Left Loki in mid April and came back at the beginning of October with a lots of beads (bought in Nairobi) as usual and ideas of new designs.

The women at the Shanga had made a lot of bangles in the local style while I was gone. They had also made simple necklaces for the local market. Enough to cover purchases for water and charcoal to make their chai and even to put into the bank for future salaries.

The bakery is thriving and we have plans to expand in 2017.img_5111Unfortunately we will have to shut down the ANA Shop & Café because of high competition and low purchasing power. But we have other ideas that I will share with you later.

On 12 December we had our Christmas Party. A time for singing and dancing, speeches and plays and good food. A goat is slaughtered and prepared by the women and eaten with great pleasure. Goals and vision are shared and for me it is a great joy to see these women that I have followed since 2009 grow and prosper and take on more and more responsibilities.

This years Christmas present was a flashlight from Biltema (a well known supermarket in Sweden).


Hope to write more regularly in 2017. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to ALL who are reading this post!!!

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